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I am the Mother of an Angel….

Seven months after losing my teenage son, I started to attend a Grief Counseling group for parents who had lost children. I found myself surrounded by people who truly understood my experiences and who could relate to my feelings. This brought confirmation that I was not the only one traveling this bewildering journey.

It is my hope that the Mother-of-an-Angel Friendship Network will be an extended outreach to develop a similar feeling of connection amongst grieving mothers. It is not intended to replace professional counseling or support groups, but is simply a place to join with others who can relate to what is happening. Through friendship and understanding, we can provide each other an opportunity to continue to talk about, remember and miss our angels.

Martha Tessmer

Mother of Donovan

Since the purpose of the Mother-of-an-Angel Friendship Network is to provide resources to make connections with others, there are two services available. 


Weekly community meetings are currently held in California Central Valley cities.  Please contact the Coordinator for specific location and date/time of the meetings.  Contact information can be found on the “Contact Us” web page.


Online resources are available through a variety of sources.  These allow mothers to expand their network by getting connected with online friends in a variety of formats.

Getting Connected

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen nor touched, but felt in the heart.”

Picture Slide Show Of Local Moms!

A special gift was received by a professional photographer who spent a day with our local members taking photos of them at places of their choice.  We ended the day coming together.  Take a look at the gift from More Than Kids...thanks Bryan Farley!  View Slide Show